The Set Up


Who Is An Ideal Franchisee?

You’ll be the kind of person who is ambitious, tenacious, with professional integrity. You’ll have the enthusiasm and determination to success, supported by an excellent work ethic. And it goes without saying that good communication skills and a friendly likeable persona are essential.

Become A Partner

With the Rent Me Now Lettings Franchise Opportunity, we will be with you the whole way.

We will help you set up your business and ensure you have all the tools you need to trade very quickly, along with the very best in training and support.

Our Lettings Branch has been carefully designed to remove financial barriers and allow you to get going at the lowest realistic investment possible. With this business model you’ll need to dedicate all your working week to it. However, the rewards for those interested in becoming an experienced business owner are immense and thoroughly rewarding.

The Lettings Partnership

To become a lettings partner you will need to be extremely good at time management, this is a “business” option and you will need to spread your time between, prospecting for clients, sales appointments, viewings, paperwork, keeping the system up to date, recruiting and managing staff, reporting to the team, client care and managing your business.

You will ideally have experience in commercial business, managing staff, sales skills and a high customer service attitude. You will need to be prepared to work very hard and timely to achieve your goals but will be rewarded with a business who’s bottom line grows with repeat residual income that grows year after year, and due to the processes and systems in place, you can pass on many of the tasks to staff with easy check ability, due to the software and management reports in place, therefore safe in the knowledge that all is running well.

You need a good authoritive nature and client care experience. This is all about working with your clients to help them achieve their goals. You cannot be selfish or greedy in this role, as it is always a win-win solution.

You will be calm and able to cope with pressure. You must be organised and able to see projects through and cope with issues as they arise. You will need good negotiation skills to work with estate agents and source good quality properties.

The Rent Me Now Lettings Franchise is an exciting opportunity for the person with the right skill-sets.