The Opportunity


The Franchise Opportunity

Working within a structured business environment, we’ll show you how to create a structured net profit, by setting up and running your very own Lettings and property portfolio. You’ll be assisting clients, landlords and helping other investors to let and manage their properties, quickly and efficiently, especially helping them to navigate the minefield of Lettings regulation particularly in the DSS sector.

As your business develops you’ll then bring on your own staff to help you expand your business to add additional value and to increase profits. As you become more experienced, we’ll then introduce you to the property Acquisitions element. This is where you help others to take their first steps into the tricky world of property investment.

Working with clients on a consultative basis, you will identify which rental market they should invest in, and why and then move onto sourcing a property for them, along with finally project managing the refurbishment and furnishing process. You will also benefit from your own property acquisitions having the first opportunity to buy and rent out properties that become available now you’re recognised in the property market.

What’s On Offer

Rent Me Now offers the flexibility of starting small and building a substantial business.
As your business grows you can move from either a home or serviced office to a prominent high street branch. Our national multi-branch residential Lettings & Property Acquisitions Agency will allow you to grow and develop at your own pace ensuring at all times you see a stable return on your investment.


UK Lettings Franchise Territories

Each Lettings and Acquisitions franchise owner is given their own designated territory, dependant on their location. Every Lettings territory contains over 100,000 properties to ensure you have the best opportunity in the industry to make this venture successful.

All the territories were mapped out by a franchise ‘Equal Opportunity’ territory mapping company recommended by the British Franchise Association.

Each territory has been carefully researched and detailed, ready for your consideration. Therefore we can supply you with a full breakdown of the entire sector postcode which go to make up each territory.

We also give you the complete make-up and demographics of each specific territory in the following categories; Total Households, Total Population, Domestic Delivery Points, Category 1 to 3 Socioeconomic Groups, Owner Occupied Properties, Private Rented, Council Rented, Detached, Semi Detached, Terraced, Flats, Unemployed, Secondary Accommodation, and Average Rooms per Household.